Face Cleansing Powder (125g)

Face Cleansing Powder (125g)

Gentle daily cleansing and exfoliation keeps the surface of the skin fresh, and more receptive to the nutrients in your moisturiser.

Our Face Cleansing Powder was developed to provide a gentle, pure means to cleanse and exfoliate daily. Free of synthetic ingredients, your skin will show remarkable improvements within a few days. The skin is left refined, toned and purified. Suitable for all skin types. Very beneficial for oily skins.

For daily cleansing: Take approximately 1 teaspoon of powder in cupped hand or a small dish and add sufficient water or hydrosol to make a smooth paste. Apply to face, avoiding eye area, and massage gently into skin without applying pressure. Rinse thoroughly. Pat skin dry. Follow with toner and moisturiser.

For mask or as a spot treatment: Prepare and apply as for cleansing and leave for 15-20 minutes or until skin begins to feel tight. Wet and rinse mask away thoroughly. Follow with toner and moisturiser.

Ingredients: certified organic oatmeal, certified organic neem powder, certified organic lemon peel powder, certified organic coconut powder, certified organic rose petals, Argiletz green clay, certified organic tulsi leaf, certified organic wheatgrass powder.

Ingredients 95% certified organic

See our 'How to use Mokosh' video (Step 1) for a demonstration on how to use Face Cleansing Powder.

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Also available in Travel Size

Ingredient benefits:

Oatmeal - This forms the base component of Face Cleansing Powder. A humble yet highly nutritious food that is also beneficial when applied to the skin. It contains saponins, natural soap-like substances that gently mop up dirt and degrade bacteria, as well as anti-inflammatory mediators  – this is why oatmeal baths are a traditional treatment for soothing itchy inflamed skin. In addition it contains anti-oxidants, helps restore moisture balance to the skin, and has anti-fungal properties.

Neem powder - Neem is known in India as the ‘village dispensary’, because of its use in Ayurvedic therapies for a wide variety of disorders.  Virtually all parts of the neem tree are used, where they may be taken internally or externally, depending on the condition.  Our Face Cleansing Powder contains dried neem leaves, which have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal  and anti-inflammatory actions as well as extremely potent anti-oxidant properties.

Lemon peel powder - Lemon peel is a natural astringent, bactericide and antiseptic. It contains a number of acids, including citric acid, which aids in lightening the skin, breaking down oils and skin debris, and encouraging skin renewal. It is also rich in anti-oxidants, including vitamin C.

Coconut flour - this is made from the coconut ‘meat’ after extraction of coconut oil.  It is highly absorbent and also has fine exfoliating properties. It contains trace minerals, vitamin C and other anti-oxidants.

Rose petals - Dried rose petals retain small amounts of precious rose oil, in addition to other beneficial components not present in the oil.  They contain vitamins A , B and C as well as minerals.  They are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, mildly astringent and help regulate sebum production.

Green clay - Like all clays, green clay is extremely rich in minerals. Its main function in Face Cleansing Powder is to absorb oils, dirt and other impurities from the deeper layers of the skin, as well as providing gentle exfoliation. When left to dry, clay raises the temperature of the skin, helping to draw out excess sebum and improving circulation.

Tulsi leaf - Also known in India as ‘Holy Basil’, Tulsi is widely used internally in Ayurvedic treatments for a variety of conditions. Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, as well as iron and zinc, it is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

Wheatgrss - Well known as a rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and anti-oxidants.

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